5 Things Moms Can Save Money for “Back to School” Shopping

July 19, 2018 | By Louis Tully

The “Back to School” season is fast approaching and for all the moms out there, that means a full-fledged shopping season akin to Christmas. A 2017 study by Huntington Bank found that the average cost to prep a child for a new school year is nearly $1,000. Imagine shopping for three! You could put a down payment on a new car for that kind of money! 

Save More This School Year

Whether your kids are starting first grade or going away to college, prepping them for class could leave you in a frantic need for payday loans near you if you’re not careful. Not to worry though. Here are some helpful tips that could soften the blow on your wallet this back-to-school season.

Do a Full Supply Sweep

There’s no reason to stress over back-to-school shopping. In fact, if you play your cards right, you may not even have to spend that much this year. For starters, you should do a full sweep of the house to make sure you don’t already have what’s needed on their school supply list.

Things like pens, pencils and notebooks are commonplace items in most homes. By checking all the corners in your home first, you could check off most of your supply list before even getting to the store!

Dollar Stores

Never underestimate what you’ll find at your local dollar store. In case you didn’t have much luck finding any hidden supplies at home, your local dollar store is sure to have just about everything you need at lower than low prices. You’ll find great deals on basic items like notebooks, pencils, and calculators with ease! In fact, try to start your shopping early before these supplies run out!

Supply Swaps

Check your social media groups and see if other moms are hosting a school supply swap. This is a great time to meet up with other moms in the community, talk about the coming school year and get everything you need without spending extra!

Forget About New Clothes

Granted, retailers will have special “Back to School” deals on name-brand clothing this time of year, it’s still not a good reason to buy them a whole new wardrobe to go with their backpack.

Let’s face it, the clothes are the real budget-busters this time of year and unless their school enforces some strict dress code, there’s little reason to go crazy in this department. If nothing else, buy them one new outfit that they can wear on their first day. It’ll make them happy while saving you a ton of money.

Save Big Online

The Internet can be your best friend at a time like this. Social media is a great tool for tracking down all the deals, sales, discounts and rebates stores are offering on “back-to-school” items.

You can even get paid to shop by using Ebates, an online shopping gateway that gives you cash back on all your purchases. Avoid all the bustling retail traffic by shopping from the comforts of home on your laptop or tablet. It certainly takes the stress off and you can take your time to search for all the best deals. It’s an easy win!