Wear Your Green and Save It Too For St. Patty’s Day

March 7, 2019 | Mason Roberts

Though St. Patrick’s Day isn’t as widely celebrated as the more popular holidays like Christmas and Easter, it is still a really fun opportunity to hang out with your favorite people.

Spend Less Green This St. Patrick's Day

Whether that means you enjoy a quiet evening at home with a few people or you go out on the town to make it a memorable March 17th, there are a few great ways to save green while wearing green.


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A Few Cost-Effective Ways to Enjoy St. Patty’s Day 

Watch Some Holiday Movies: If you’re more of a low-key kind of personality, why not invite a few people over to watch some St. Patrick’s Day-themed flicks? Here are a few that might fit the bill:

  • “Leap Year” is the 2010 romantic comedy that stars Amy Adams, who travels to Dublin with the intention of proposing to her boyfriend.
  • “Leprechaun” is horror-comedy from the ’90s that stars a young Jennifer Aniston.
  • In the mood for a musical? Check out the 2007 romantic musical “Once” which takes place in Ireland.
  • Like watching old movies? Check out the movie “Finian’s Rainbow,” which stars Fred Astaire as an Irish immigrant. This 1968 fantasy musical was directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
  • Willem Dafoe stars in “The Boondock Saints,” a late 90’s movie about two Irish brothers who take on mafia thugs.


Channel Your Inner Child: Love doing crafts and baking? Why not host a party that involves fun board games, festive food, and some great music? All you really need to leave a memorable St. Patrick’s Day impression on your party guests is to hang up some simple decorations and add some green food coloring to the beer and snacks and your guests will be begging you to host another party next St. Patrick’s Day. To cut back on your costs, you could even ask each guest to bring something to eat or drink for a potluck style party.

Go Out On the Town: Want to get out of the house? Take advantage of free events like a St. Patty’s Day parade. Depending on the city, you might even find a few venues that are hosting some live Irish music and entertainment.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day and stay safe out there!