Bad Credit Loans In Utah: Where, Why, and How To Get One Today

Opposite to popular belief, bad credit loans in Utah do exist. This belief stems from the fact that getting approved for a personal loan with poor credit isn’t easy through traditional banks or credit unions since your credit situation will play a decisive role.

Even with solid income, you’ll either be outright denied because you’re not considered a trustworthy borrower, or you might have to wait a few weeks and take a gamble. The end result is that you’ll either get the loan, or (more likely) you won’t, and you’ve just wasted some precious time.

So, if you are looking for options for bad credit loans Utah, you might as well skip on going through banks and find alternative options.

Luckily, as bad credit personal loans go, there are some options you can explore in Utah that have nothing to do with banks.

Why Should You Not Get Bad Credit Loans in Utah?

Let’s get one uncomfortably common reasoning out of the way – you shouldn’t get a bad credit loan for the sole reason of improving your credit score.

Firstly, because it’s an additional financial burden you’re taking on with no real need. There are other ways to improve your credit situation.

Secondly, and most importantly, because it won’t work either way. Most short-term loans, which includes the majority of bad credit loans Utah, don’t influence your credit score in any manner because they’re usually not reported to any credit bureaus.

why should you get online installment loans

Why Should You Get Utah Bad Credit Loans?

This isn’t to say there aren’t times when bad credit loans Utah become beneficial. Take our signature installment loans, for example. One of the main benefits is their accessibility (almost anyone can qualify if they satisfy the requirements, regardless of their credit and income situation).

Their simplicity (the procedure is short and straightforward) and swiftness (you can easily save time skipping complicated procedures) also make them an option worth considering.

People who have exhausted non-loan options and need cash on short notice may find Utah installment loans useful for these reasons. However, it doesn’t mean one should get a loan simply because it’s easy to get.

Here are some situations that would call for a personal loan:

  • Urgent medical expenses.
  • Urgent travel expenses.
  • Unexpected moving expenses.
  • An unexpected visit to a car mechanic.
  • Unplanned house repairs.
  • Emergency visit from a locksmith/plumber/electrician, etc.

In other words, if the expense needs to be taken care of as soon as possible – or the situation risks escalating – you have all the right reasons to be looking into short-term personal loans. If not, you might want to explore other options first.

Where To Get Bad Credit Loans Utah?

If you’re looking for bad credit loans Utah that are quick and convenient, Utah Title Loans, Inc. might be the right lender for you.

Utah Title Loans, Inc. welcomes borrowers of all credit and income situations. Our list of qualifying requirements is short and to a point, and as long as you satisfy each requirement, you have a good chance of getting approved for an online installment loan.

You don’t even need to start the process in person. You can put in your request online, get in touch with our loan representative over the phone, and attend only one short meeting later in the process that usually lasts less than an hour. You could easily get approved before the day is even done.

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What Do I Need To Qualify For Online Installment Loans?

As mentioned above, while our list of requirements is short – you do need to be careful with each of them. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A state-issued ID (driver’s license works too), to verify your identity and legal age (18+).
  • Proof of income – typically your most recent pay stub, but we can accommodate non-employed borrowers. If you have alternate means of loan payoff, inform your loan representative beforehand and provide correct documentation according to their instructions.
  • A statement from an active checking account that’s open in your name.

If all of the items listed above satisfy our standards, you’ll be able to get your bad credit loans Utah without an issue. 

How To Get Bad Credit Loans Utah?

As far as personal loans go, online installment loans are quite simple. All it takes to get started is filling out and submitting an online form for online installment loans.

As soon as the form gets processed (usually it only takes a few minutes), the loan representative from the nearest branch will give you a call, provide further instructions and answer any questions you may have.

You will then need to take the required items (the state-issued ID/driver’s license, proof of income, a checking account statement in your name) to the meeting the representative schedules for you. There, they’ll verify your documents and, based upon them, determine if you qualify and inform you of the terms of your loan.

If approved, you’ll finish the paperwork on spot, and get the money the same day or the following business day.

Bad Credit Should Not Exclude You From Financial Aid

At Utah Title Loans, Inc., we believe that credit scores shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when it comes to approving someone for a loan. Access to financial aid can be available to a more inclusive group of people through personal loans in the form of online installment loans.

You can request bad credit loans Utah today by submitting the form listed above and you may qualify for a loan up to $1,250.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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