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Must-See Christmas Events In Utah To Enjoy With Your Family

Christmas events in Utah prove year after another to be some of the most fun around. If you’re planning to spend the holiday season in Utah or will be traveling through the state before reaching your final destination, you should definitely use the chance to experience at least one of the special Christmas events the state has to offer.

That’s why we made a list of our favorite Christmas events in Utah, most of which are also affordable! However, if you need a bit of financial help due to some urgent expenses, we also included a tip on how Utah title loans may help.

Best Christmas Events In Utah

1. Zoo Lights At Hogle Zoo In Salt Lake City, UT

No list of must-see Christmas events would be complete without at least one massive light show, and when it comes to Christmas events in Utah, the one light show not to skip is Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo.

Amid thousands upon thousands of colorful lights, you’ll find over hundreds of massive holiday-themed displays, with 10 life-sized animal-shaped lanterns definitely being the most unique. 

You can, of course, visit the zoo dwellers themselves, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, and grab a bite at local Beastro (yes, that’s a pun, but that’s how the zoo calls it!).

luminaria lights, lehi, ut

2. Luminaria At Thanksgiving Point In Lehi, UT

Another unique light show offering is Thanksgiving Point’s Luminaria, where the accent is on thousands of luminaries instead of standard Christmas lights (though you’ll find them in abundance as well).

What makes Luminaria number two on our list of must-see Christmas events in Utah is the uniqueness of the event: Luminaria creates an immersive experience with a mile-long clear route that holds over 20 different scenes each with an individual theme and scent (for example the peppermint corner in Gingerbread house smells like mint!).

There are also Reindeer Woods with live reindeer, food booths, games, and even fire pits to road s’mores! In other words, everything a family would enjoy.

3. Christmas In Color In South Jordan, UT

If you want a drive-through event for Christmas lights (so you don’t have to walk around in cold weather or want to adhere to social distancing rules), then Christmas in Color is the event for you.

Christmas in Color is over 1.5 miles long and includes multiple holiday-themed displays and millions upon millions of colorful Christmas lights that are synced to music.

But what really makes this one of the must-see Christmas events in Utah is that it’s an opportunity to not just enjoy yourself but to do a good deed along the way since a portion of all proceeds goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

4. Festival Of The Seas At Loveland Living Planet Aquarium In Draper, UT

As Christmas events in Utah go, this one is quite possibly the most entertaining. So, if you want a Christmas experience that includes standard events but has a touch of uniqueness along with it, you should probably head to Draper, Utah to celebrate under the sea.

The festival offers unique sea-themed light displays, play structures, and igloo dance parties, along with traditional Christmas events such as Santa’s Workshop and Sleight (with Santa himself, of course), Gingerbread Village, and Elf Lounge, along with food trucks and special performances at Deep Sea Stage. 

temple square, salt lake city, ut

5. Temple Square In Salt Lake City, UT

Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah is quite possibly the most iconic place in Utah and no must-see Christmas events in Utah would be complete without it.

Every year the square is decked out in holiday-themed decorations and lights, and all throughout the holiday season multiple concerts and performances are held, which the locals and visitors can enjoy for free.

With Covid-19 still an active issue, the plans for Christmas festivities had to be modified and celebrations aren’t going to be as massive as initially planned, but locals and tourists are still invited to walk around and make some iconic photos.

Bonus: City Creek Center

Once you’re done with Temple Square, you should take Jingle Bus (a holiday-themed trolley with a special route around the city center) to City Creek Center if you still have time and take a look at Macy’s beautiful and intricate candy window displays!

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Making Your Christmas In Utah A Whimsical One

Enjoy your holidays using our list of the best Christmas events in Utah. And know that you don’t have to stress about financial problems if you faced an emergency.

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