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Understanding And Preparing For The Cost Of A Funeral

The cost of a funeral isn't something that many people plan for. While we know that it may happen eventually, many of us do not want to think about the idea of our loved ones passing on, let alone start putting money to one side to cover that eventuality. However, sadly, it is something that you may need to do. The cost of a funeral can be high, and you need to understand the expenses that you will end up dealing with, often through one of the more traumatic moments of your life.

Understanding The Cost Of A Funeral

Here in Utah, the average cost of a burial is $6,907, and the average cost of a cremation is $4,517. These figures are under the assumption that you will be opting for an average-priced casket (normally around $1,000) and a memorial service.

Sadly, a lot of people underestimate the costs of a funeral. While most people understand that they will be paying for a service, casket, etc. they fail to realize that the following costs may also need to be covered:

  • The fee for the funeral director
  • Catering for the wake
  • Transportation
  • Embalming and cosmetics
  • Hearse

Thankfully, many of these costs can be reduced. For example, cremations can use a rented casket instead, which may reduce the cost of the funeral by several hundred dollars.

You have to remember that funerals are the business of a funeral director. While they are there to ensure that your loved ones are treated with respect, they are also a business. They are there to sell you more expensive services. When you are planning a funeral, we urge you to talk to the funeral director if you have a limited budget. They may be able to help plan a funeral that is much better for the funds that you have saved up.

Preparing For The Cost Of A Funeral

Sadly, because funerals are something that takes many of us by surprise, you cannot always prepare for the cost.

In some cases, your loved one may have a life insurance plan that may cover some of the expenses. Some may even have paid for part of their funeral with a local funeral director. We know it may be hard to do, but if you are faced with funeral expenses, then it is important to go through this paperwork to see what, if anything, has been covered.

While you may have to consult with a lawyer here, there is a chance that you may be able to utilize some of the funds in the estate to cover funeral expenses.

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Other than this, unless you have money saved in the bank, you don't have many options beyond taking out a loan or speaking to other loved ones to see if you are able to pool together enough cash to fund the funeral. In some cases, you may find something like will work to quickly gather the cash that you need.

If you have a good credit history, then you may find that there are some funeral directors that will allow you to pay for the cost of the funeral in installments. Most funeral directors understand how not everybody has the cash put to one side.

If you are really struggling with funds, then you may also want to look into ways that you can reduce the cost of the funeral e.g., opting for a slightly different casket or cutting down on the size of the memorial service. 

An Auto Title Loan May Be An Option To Cover Funeral Expenses

In many cases, you do not have the luxury of waiting for your next paycheck to cover the cost of a funeral. In fact, your next paycheck may not be enough to cover the costs. This is why many people turn to the idea of a Utah title loan from Utah Title Loans, Inc.

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An auto title loan may be an option for those with bad or no credit. Because we know that many people need to cover the costs of a funeral quickly, you may like to know that most of our auto title loans are funded within a few hours, with the inquiry process taking between 30-60 minutes.

The bulk of the inquiry process takes place online and over the telephone. You will need to meet us in person for your vehicle inspection, but we are able to come to your home or place of business for this. We will let you choose the location. This should ensure that you do not have to take time away from the much more important funeral planning.

Inquire About An Auto Title Loan For Funeral Expenses Today

Many people fail to realize just how high the cost of a funeral can be. In Utah, you are looking at a minimum of $3000-$4,000, even when you try to cut back on funeral expenses. Not everybody has this cash readily available. If you need to cover the cost of a funeral, then an auto title loan can be an option. Utah Title Loans, Inc. may be able to assist. Get started by filling in the inquiry form on our site today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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