What Is The Average Cost Of A Funeral In Utah?

It’s not the easiest thing to think about but getting a clear picture of funeral expenses is not just practical — it’s vital. And it also might not be quite what you expect, some might ask "how much does a funeral cost in Utah?" When considering funeral costs in Utah, it's essential to have a realistic understanding of the expenses involved. The average funeral in the United States, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, stands at $7,843. However, in Utah, traditional funerals can range between $2,500 and $6,755, as reported by the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Utah. These figures exclude costs for casket and cemetery plot.

That takes into account everything that encompasses funeral services including the viewing and the burial. However, funerals do vary extensively from state to state. If you are planning a funeral, this can include the type of burial services and if you have any type of merchandise for your loved ones. Here’s a look at the average funeral expenses in Utah that you should know about.

The Average Cost Of Funeral In Utah

Funeral services in Utah typically run a bit below the national average cost of funeral expenses. The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Utah estimates that the traditional funeral cost in the state ranges between $2,500 and $6,755. The organization notes that the range does not include a cemetery plot or casket.

Those costs can significantly adjust the overall funeral expenses in Utah. A cemetery plot runs between $850 to $3,000, and a casket has a similar range of cost: $300 to $3,000. The average cost of a casket in Utah is somewhere in the middle of that range at about $1,500.

The Type Of Burial And Services Make A Big Difference

If you are planning a traditional full-service burial, the average cost of funeral expenses in Utah is $7,028, according to Funeralocity. Such a service includes fees paid to the funeral home for a basic service, embalming, a wake or visitation, a traditional service at either a chapel at a funeral home or a church, a procession to the burial site, and then the funeral service before the burial.

This service package comes with the highest average cost of funeral expenses in Utah. A traditional, full-service burial in Utah can run as high as $9,400 and as low as $5,045. A full-service cremation has an average price of $5,800 in Utah. It includes many of the same elements as the traditional full-service burial, including a visitation/wake and a church or chapel service.

The cost also covers basic cremation services and crematory transfer. An urn is a separate cost. The high range of this approach is $8,070 and the low range is $3,695. Another option is a direct cremation. With an average cost of funeral expenses in Utah of $1,625, it’s the least expensive approach and covers crematory transfer and basic cremation services.

A direct cremation can go as high as $2,995 and as low as $595. Also comparatively inexpensive is what’s usually called an “affordable burial,” which comes with an average price tag of $3,455 in Utah. This burial does not include viewing, services, or embalming, but covers all the basics, including transportation and other basic fees. The cost also includes a basic casket.

An affordable burial’s highest cost will run $6,350, with a low cost considered around $1,700. In Utah, embalming services cost $1,095 on average. Such services are usually not legally required, but they may be considered necessary depending on your choice of funeral arrangements, such as a viewing.

funeral expenses in Utah

Other Services And Merchandise

There is a long list of other costs associated with funerals that are typically optional. Common merchandise related to a funeral in Utah includes a register book averaging $25, floral arrangements that cost between $50-$500, mortuary cleaning at $700 and up for the deposit, and urn engraving that can come in around $100.

Funeral homes in Utah usually provide a catalog that outlines both the costs for primary services and additional merchandise and fees. This includes everything from a credit card minimum fee and a postage fee for a death certificate, to a fee for each document that needs to be authenticated by apostilles.

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Learn The Average Cost Of Funeral Expenses And Get Prepared

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