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How To Get A Faster Payday Loan In Clearfield, UT

Getting a payday loan in Clearfield, UT is easy if you can meet the requirements. But when you're experiencing an emergency, you probably want to speed through the proceedings as quickly as possible. Therefore, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

In this article, we will look at the six tips that'll ensure your payday loan request runs smoothly.

5 Tips To Get A Quicker Payday Loan In Clearfield, Utah

1. Gather Your Documents Beforehand

First, we suggest getting your documents together before beginning the process. Luckily, you won't have to search for hours on end, attempting to contend with a long list of requirements, because at Utah Title Loans, Inc., we only ask for three items:

  • Pay stub — We need your most recent pay stub to establish affordability.
  • Identification — Most of our clients use their driver's licenses. However, you can submit your passport, student ID, or military dependent's ID card if you'd prefer. Just ensure it's in date and displays your portrait as well as your birth date. 
  • Check — Please ensure it's a blank check from your personal checking account. If it has somebody else's name on it, we deposit your payday loan cash.

You've probably noticed that we haven't mentioned credit scores. Well, that's because you don't need to worry about credit when seeking payday loan approval! We use other factors to establish affordability rather than such a volatile, ever-changing metric. And yes, even freelancers and other contractors can get a payday loan in Clearfield, UT.

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2. Know The Process

Once you've gathered your documents, you should familiarize yourself with the process. Unlike traditional bank loans, it's ultra straightforward, so you won't struggle to understand the steps:

  1. Complete the online request form on this website. It should take roughly five minutes since we ask for nothing but basic information at this stage.
  2. Wait for us to give you a call. This won't take long. We'll call you within moments of receiving your request to discuss everything.
  3. Head to your nearest Utah Title Loans, Inc. store. Please remember to bring the documents we talked about in tip number one.
  4. Upon arrival, we'll greet you before analyzing your documents to establish the amount of money we can offer you from our payday loan in Clearfield, UT.
  5. If you are satisfied with the amount, we'll provide you with the paperwork and request your signature on a few sections. 
  6. Finally, you get the money you need in less than 24 hours. We always do our best to ensure you get the cash on the same day you apply, but that isn't always possible.

3. Be Honest On Your Application

You can't be too careful when applying for a loan — honesty and accuracy are key. 

Double-check the information you provide before hitting that submit button. We'll deny your application if you've embellished anything from your income to your age.

Just be honest about your situation; we're here to help, not hinder. However, we can only do that if you tell us the whole story.

4. Only Apply For The Amount You Need

The more money you ask for, the greater the chance of being denied — or exponentially slowing down the progress.

To combat this, spend time calculating the cost of your emergency before requesting a loan. That way, you'll know you won't be taking more than you need or can afford to repay. 

Note: You can borrow between $100 and $500 with one of our payday loans in Clearfield, Utah.

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5. Respond Quickly

The process can only go as fast as you let it. Waiting for hours to pick up the phone when we call will obviously increase your processing time — something none of us want to happen.

Once you've submitted your initial form, please stay near your phone and pick it up when we call.

Get A Payday Loan In Clearfield, UT Right Now!

So, there are six things you need to remember to get a payday loan in Clearfield, Utah, as quickly as possible. They are as follows:

  • Getting your documents together before beginning proceedings
  • Knowing and understanding the process
  • Being honest on your initial request form
  • Asking for the amount you need, nothing more
  • Negotiating reasonably
  • Responding promptly

By following the guide above, you stand the best possible chance of achieving a fast payday loan in your area. 

Get the financial assistance you need when you need it! Simply give us a call or complete our straightforward online inquiry form to fund your emergency in less than 24 hours.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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