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How To Find Halloween Seasonal Jobs Near Me In Utah

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash with Halloween seasonal jobs near you, then you’re in luck. Companies are always looking to hire this time of year to meet the increased Halloween demand. Here’s how to find some great seasonal work near you in Utah.

If you’ve got a Halloween theme park near you, it’s worth applying to see if they need more scare actors. Similarly, lots of seasonal Halloween stores are hiring extra employees to meet elevated demands. Lastly, if you want to stay local, you can take on a few babysitting gigs.

There are lots of great ways to earn some extra money with Halloween seasonal jobs near you, so grab your witch’s brooms and let’s take a look at some of the best seasonal jobs you can get started with today in Utah.

5 Seasonal Halloween Jobs In Utah

1. Becoming A Scare Actor

Have you ever been to a scream park or gone through a haunted house attraction? If you have, then you’ve probably been scared half to death by the actors inside dressed up, and now it’s time for you to get your revenge on the next unsuspecting victim to walk into your room.

Sure, the job isn’t exactly highly paid, but it’s definitely a unique experience. Besides, if you’re not scaring the living daylights out of guests, then who will?

2. Working At A Seasonal Halloween Store

They say that every year when October hits, spooky stores pop up all around the country, delighting patrons with their terrifyingly low prices and spooky deals.

Jokes aside, retailers are always looking for a helping hand when Halloween rolls around, so if you can work the register, then you’re the perfect candidate for these Halloween seasonal jobs near me.

These stores are huge businesses for their owners, so there’s almost certainly going to be one that pops up near you that you can apply for.

3. Offer Ghost Tours

Interest in haunted houses is always higher around Halloween, and the owners of these properties are often looking for someone who can do the story of the location justice.

Whether you’re actually interested in the supernatural or just love the thrill of the unknown, then offering ghost tours for people might be right up your alley.

If you’ve got public speaking skills down to an art and you can keep a group of guests, shall we say, spellbound, then this is the perfect gig for you.


4. Carving Pumpkins

If you’re familiar with hand tools and have an eye for detail, then it might be worth looking into a part-time gig as a pumpkin carver.

There are lots of companies hiring around Halloween, but if you want to get a little old-fashioned entrepreneurship going, then feel free. Carve up your own pumpkin designs and sell them to people wanting to display them on their porches.

Alternatively, you could offer preset and custom designs for pumpkin carvings and have people pay for the privilege of a customized gourd.

Whatever your style, as long as you can work with your hands, then this job might be right up your alley.

5. Babysitting

No, it’s not a glamorous job, but babysitting is pretty big money. If you’re well known in your community and neighborhood, then you’ve probably already earned the reputation for being trustworthy in a way that no impersonal large babysitting organization ever could.

You can leverage this influence to your advantage by offering to babysit or pet sit in your local area.

If Halloween isn’t really your thing or you just don’t have anything major going on, then babysitting is a simple, well-paid, and rewarding job.

After all, you get to give people the capability to go off and enjoy parties and events without needing to worry about daycare or hiring someone they don’t know to look after their pets.

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