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Don't Forget About This For Installment Loans In Clearfield, UT

Clearfield installment loans allow you to borrow up to $1,500 to cover unexpected expenses. They're much easier to get than traditional loans, thanks to the limited requirements. However, there are a few important details that you shouldn't forget when applying. 

In the following sections, we will discover the five things to never forget about installment loans in Clearfield, UT.

5 Things To Not Forget About Clearfield Installment Loans

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1. Your Credit Will Be Checked

For many people, credit is the factor that ruins their chances of gaining approval for traditional loans. But even though your credit will be checked when requesting signature installment loans in Clearfield, UT, you don't need a stellar rating to get approved.

If you want more information surrounding the credit requirements for these loans, please speak to a representative from your local Utah Title Loans, Inc. They have all the information they need to explain the necessities. 

2. You Must Have A Bank Account To Qualify

You must have an active checking account to qualify for installment loans. This is different from title loans, which do not require an account to gain approval. 

Alongside that, you will need a state-issued photo ID card (like your driver's license or passport) and proof of income in the form of your most recent pay stub. We look at everything to determine your affordability and how much we can lend you.

3. The Process Of Acquiring Installment Loans In Clearfield, UT Is Super Easy

As we're sure you'll be pleased to know, acquiring installment loans in Clearfield, UT is super easy. Not only do they come with only three requirements, but you'll have the money you need in these six straightforward steps:

  1. Complete the online form on the website. It shouldn't take any longer than five minutes to complete. 
  2. As soon as we get your request, we will give you a call to discuss the process and answer your questions. Don't worry; there are no such things as silly questions! It's our job to ensure you completely understand the process and terms before you sign the agreement.
  3. After the phone call, bring your ID, proof of income, and your checking account statement to your nearest Utah Title Loans, Inc. branch. 
  4. When you arrive, we will assess your information and decide how much we can offer you.
  5. If you are pleased with the amount, we'll show you where to sign the forms.
  6. Finally, you will get the money you need on the same or the very next working day. We do our best to release the loan on the same day as you apply; however, it will depend on the time of your request. 

4. Signature Installment Loans Are A Type Of Unsecured Loan

A secured loan requires collateral (i.e., a valuable asset like a house or car) to gain approval. But you don't have to risk anything with signature installment loans because they're known as good-faith loans. 

In other words, all you need to do is supply your signature alongside your promise of repayment. That's it! 

5. You Should Save Signature Installment Loans For Emergencies

Finally, you should never get a signature installment loan for frivolous purchases, gifts, vacations, weddings, or impulse buys. Instead, save them for when you really need the extra money to make ends meet. 

While everybody's circumstances are different, the majority of our customers use our installment loans in Clearfield, UT for the following emergencies:

  • Home repairs — You can use our loans to fund time-sensitive home repairs like broken windowpanes, damaged front doors, and leaky roofs. 
  • Vehicle repairs — Whether it's a transmission failure or a tire blowout, car repairs are known for being pricey. So, you can use an installment loan to cover the costs. 
  • Veterinary treatment — Out-of-hours urgent care for your furry family member is always expensive. But when it's necessary, you don't think twice about the costs until they're on the mend. Without a sufficient insurance plan, it can be near-impossible to foot the bill without an emergency loan like a signature installment loan. 
  • Medical fees — Unexpected medical treatment is pricey. This is one of the main reasons our customers take out installment loans. 
  • Same-day urgent travel — Vacations are fun until something goes wrong at home. You can use installment loans to fund urgent travel costs. 

Get Installment Loans In Clearfield, UT Today!

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When getting installment loans in Clearfield, UT, you shouldn't forget these five things:

  • Your credit will be checked before approval, but that doesn't mean you need a perfect rating.
  • You must have a bank account to qualify.
  • The process is amazingly easy.
  • Signature installment loans are a type of unsecured loan.
  • You should use installment loans for emergencies only.

With all that in mind, start the process by completing our online inquiry form. It sends your information directly to your nearest branch so a friendly representative can help you with the rest. 


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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