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What You Might Not Know About Utah Payday Loans (But Should!)

If you’re wondering about Utah payday loans and how it all works, then Utah Title Loans, Inc. is here to make things more clear. We understand that there might be some misinformation concerning our loan types, so we’d like to explains things for you.

A payday loan is meant to bridge the gap from one payday to the next. It is typically used when money runs a little short or something unexpected comes up that just can’t wait.

Besides knowing what these loans are, here are a few other things we want you to know.

5 Facts About Utah Payday Loans

Before you write off Utah payday loans — or decide to apply for one — make sure you understand what you’re getting into. They are different from other types of personal loans, with their own unique application process and minimum requirements.

These 5 facts are a great place to start when considering a payday loan and wanting to know more.

1. Your Credit Doesn’t Disqualify You From Getting Approved

That’s right. Bad credit, no credit… it doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome to apply. Approval isn’t typically based on past credit. This is good news for people who haven’t been able to get approved for traditional personal loans due to their low credit scores.

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2. They’re Extremely Common

One source reported that over 2 million Americans utilize payday loans each year. They are designed to be short-term assistance between paychecks, so they are easy to apply for and pay off with your next paycheck. Approval is generally easy to achieve, making these loans accessible to many people. 

We have five convenient locations across Utah to make it even easier for you to access cash.

3. You Can Get One From Home

Thanks to modern technology, you can apply for a Utah payday loan via the Internet and a phone call, and the money is deposited electronically, with no need to visit the store! This is just one way we protect our client's privacy and make getting a payday loan discreet. 

4. You Can Apply For Only The Amount You Need

Utah payday loans aren’t meant to put you in more of a financial bind, so we recommend that you only apply for the amount you actually need to get you through to the next payday. Our loans range from $100 to $500, and you can apply for any amount in between.

5. You’ll Probably Get Your Money The Same Day You’re Approved

The approval process only takes about 30 minutes as long as all documents are in order. Once your payday loan is approved, you will most likely see the money appear in your checking account within a few hours. Few loans are that fast and easy.

Should You Apply?

Sadly, we can’t answer this question for you. Only you can decide if a payday loan is a right option for your temporary financial need.

Payday loans are used in emergency financial situations and should not be used for frivolous spending.

They are a loan option for people who don’t own their own vehicle and can’t, therefore, qualify for a title loan.

We know it can be a tough decision, which is why Utah Title Loans, Inc. is here to address any questions or concerns about Utah payday loans. Our loan agents will be upfront about all the details concerning paycheck loans in general, as well as your specific loan terms.

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Getting Approved

To get approved, first, you have to apply! There are two ways to get started:

Go Directly To An Office

Each Utah location has several agents on site that process loan requests, so each customer gets one-on-one attention.

You can sit down with an agent in person, and usually, within half an hour, you’ll have a decision on your loan request.

Get Started Online

If you’d rather not go into the office, you can fill out the form on our website and submit it to the nearest location. If you choose this route, a loan representative will call you after reviewing your basic information. They’ll ask a few questions and explain the rest of the payday loan process.

No matter how you decide to initiate your loan, there are a few simple requirements for Utah payday loans:

  • You must be 18 years or older since this is the legal contract age in our state.
  • A state-issued I.D. This could be a driver’s license or some other government-issued photo I.D.
  • A recent paycheck stub. We want to see your most recent paycheck to determine how capable you will be to pay the loan back and how frequently you receive a paycheck.
  • A blank check from the account you want the money deposited into. The account should be an active bank account with a positive balance and your name on it.

Submit The Online Inquiry Form Today!

As long as these basic requirements are met, you stand a great chance of getting approved for a Utah payday loan.

So why not speak to a loan representative to see if qualify for one today? Simply submit the online form, call the store directly, or visit a store location near you, our representatives are waiting to assist you now.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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