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Make Extra Cash With These Top 10 Part-Time Jobs

Finding it tough to make ends meet with your current job? Earning some extra cash can help you save more and feel financially secure too. If you think getting a side hustle is hard, think again. There are so many part-time jobs out there that you could get and manage easily. Here are our top 10 picks. We’ll also cover how you can find emergency money in a pinch through title loans online.

1. Driving

Own a car? You have no idea how many ways you can earn money with that car of yours! You can drive for ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft or delivery services like Amazon Flex, DoorDash, Grubhub, Roadie, Uber Eats, etc. You can even earn money helping people move, wrapping your car in advertising, or giving it up for rent! Keep that title close by, too.

2. Babysitting

If you are good with kids, this is for you. This job is growing in demand and is a very convenient, part-time hustle which usually has flexible hours.

3. Pet Sitting/Walking

Oh yes, pet owners are willing to pay you to babysit their pets and to take their dog out for a walk! Check with your neighbors first if they need any help with their pets.

4. Household Help

If you like to clean, fix, and organize things, then this one is right up your alley. Sign up and offer your services on sites like TaskRabbit.

5. Online Tutor

If you can teach one or more subjects well, then start tutoring students online. Having a high educational qualification is not a requirement for this. You can sign up for these easily with a bachelor’s degree or even if you are a college student yourself.

6. Social Media Marketer

Who doesn’t know how to use social media these days. Learn a bit about social media marketing through online tutorials and start working as a social media marketer. You can even start working as an affiliate marketer.

7. Influencer

Have things of interest to share with, entertain, and help people? Or maybe you have a skill like cooking, doing amazing makeup, or gaming. You can share your interests with people by posting pictures, text, and videos on social media! This one has the potential to make big money if you get enough following.

8. Mental/Physical Health Coach

If you are a gym enthusiast yourself or well-qualified and knowledgeable about mental and physical health, you can offer these services online.

9. Freelancing

Start freelancing on sites like Fiver and Upwork. There are a ton of opportunities for you as a freelancer. You can be a freelance graphic designer, writer, programmer, web/app developer, marketer - basically, it’s an endless list of jobs you could do if you have the relevant skill.

10. Waiter/Cashier

Another easy job which only requires you to be polite and have nice customer dealing skills or basic computer skills. You could easily find a local restaurant that would be looking for these services.

Although a side-hustle would greatly help you improve your financial situation, you could still be hit with an unexpected emergency that requires a lot of cash off the bat. It could be an accident leading to a medical injury, a medical illness, a car breakdown, an urgent home repair, or a big bill/debt payment deadline.

Still have the title to your car close by? You can use it to secure up to $15,000 in the state of Utah. Here's how!

Title Loans For Emergencies

Title loans are a short-term loan option where you offer the title to your vehicle up as collateral to secure your funds. All you need in order to obtain one is your driver’s license, the title to your vehicle that is in your name, and your car for inspection. Car title loans come with many advantages, including:

  • They’re easy to get and you can start your application online.
  • Same-day cash. You get your money on the same day that you apply if everything goes well.
  • Your credit score doesn’t matter and we won’t conduct a credit check.
  • You keep and operate your car as you normally would.


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How Do You Apply For Title Loans?

Before you set out to search for the best title loans in Utah, you'll need to have a few things on hand first. Just make sure you have your original car ownership documents and a driving license/any photo ID at hand before you begin, but here’s an overview of the process:

  • Once you submit your title loans online form, you’ll receive a phone call from a loan representative.
  • You’ll schedule a face-to-face meeting at the location of your choice.
  • During the meeting, your car will be inspected and then you’ll fill out your paperwork.
  • From there, the money will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Emergencies won’t wait for your first paycheck from your part-time job to enter your bank account before happening. If you find yourself facing something that needs to be addressed quickly, title loans online can help you obtain your fast cash.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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