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How You Can Have Fun And Make Money At Christmas Time

Christmas time is usually seen as the time to spend money, so talking about how to make money at Christmas time may sound counterintuitive.

However, some of the great ways to have fun yet make money at Christmas time include caroling, baking cookies, making candles, making holiday cards, making wreaths, and wrapping presents. All are things that many people enjoy doing for free during the holidays, so why not turn them into something profitable?

If you are short on cash this Christmas season and want to do something festive that earns you a little extra cash, follow our recommendations below. We also included a tip for tackling urgent financial emergencies by using a Utah title loan, payday loan, or installment loan.

6 Fun And Profitable Christmas Activities

1. Carol

One fun way to make money at Christmas time is to go caroling. It can be a bonding experience between you and your friends as well as an excellent source of extra spending money.

Find a songbook and some close friends and family, or search for a caroling group that’s already established. Go to businesses and homes and sing for them. They will pay you in tips, and you will go on your merry way.

Singing is sure to bring a smile to both your face and the face of your listeners.

bake christmas cookies

2. Bake Cookies

Everyone wants cookies during the holidays. If you have a knack for baking, you can make a good amount of money!

Advertise on social media that you are baking holiday cookies. You are sure to get people running down your door placing orders.

The more varieties of cookies you’re baking, the better. Sell both assortments and packs of just one variety. Make sure you have gluten-free and vegan options.

You will have a blast baking to your favorite holiday tunes, and you can make some cash sharing your goods!

3. Make Candles

People love holiday candles. The scents of pine, cinnamon, and clove waft through the houses of most people throughout the season.

Whether you know how to make candles or are trying for the first time, homemade candles can make you a lot of money. Everyone loves buying things that are made from scratch and a lot of people give candles as a gift.

Have all of the holiday scents as well as blends and offer beeswax and soy varieties. Color your candles so they are beautiful. Package them with care and they are sure to catch your customers’ attention.

4. Make Holiday Cards

Everyone needs holiday cards. With every gift comes a holiday card. But who wants to buy a standard card from the grocery store? A homemade card adds a personal touch that people are looking for.

So, get out those art supplies and channel your inner writer! All you need is some sturdy paper, your art medium of choice, and a few catchy phrases.

If you want to be really unique, make cards that pop up when you open them. You can sell these for more because they have an extra touch to them.

make christmas wreath

5. Make Wreaths

There’s nothing better than a good wreath hanging on your door. Wreaths are meant to be beautiful and smell good. No wreath will be more stunning or smell better than one made by hand.

When you make a wreath by hand you can customize it to what plants your customer wants to be included. You can charge more for customizations.

Making wreaths doesn’t cost much but you can sell them for a good profit!

6. Wrap Presents

If all else fails, department and retail stores are always hiring people to wrap presents during the holidays.

Although this may not sound fun, consider this: you will have all day to listen to your favorite music or podcasts, without having to think too hard about your work!

Getting this part-time job is a great way to make money at Christmas time!

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What If I’m Facing An Emergency That Can’t Wait?

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2. Payday Loans

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Turning Christmas Spending Into Christmas Earnings

Making money at Christmas time instead of spending isn’t a dream, it’s a reality that can be yours by finding the niche that works for you.

However, if you have an urgent need for money, you can acquire a loan from Utah Title Loans, Inc. Get your process started today by submitting a filled-out online form and one of our loan representatives will guide you from there.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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