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Top 5 Minivans That Maintain Their Value In 2024

If you’re wondering what minivans will maintain value in 2024, Utah Title Loans, Inc. has got you covered with more than just fantastic online title loan oppurtunities.

Picking a car that will remain appealing to buyers down the road may help you get the most for the minivan when and if you decide to sell it. Your vehicle’s value would also be taken into consideration if you ever find yourself in a challenging financial situation and choose to go for a title loan. In any case, here are a few minivans that you might want to consider. 

List Of Top 5 Minivans That Maintain Their Value

top 5 minivans that maintain their value in 2024

1. Toyota Sienna

The 2024 Toyota Sienna is an undisputed efficiency champion in the minivan segment. The vehicle has been offered exclusively as a hybrid since the 2020 redesign. It is also considered to be one of the safest minivans in the world. 

And the best part is that the beautiful Sienna retains about 57.7% of its value after 5 years! 

2. Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey has been available for over three decades, and it still remains one of the best minivans out there due to its clever features and mechanical reliability.

The latest addition, the Magic Slide seat system, is definitely a crowd-pleaser. The feature allows you to position the second-row seats in plenty of different positions, and the third row can quickly disappear into the floor to provide you with more cargo space.

You can rest assured that a Honda Odyssey will be able to maintain its value throughout the years. In fact, it retains a little over 55% of its value after 5 years. 

3. Chrysler Voyager

The Chrysler Voyager is one of the most affordable minivans available on the market. Though the model was discontinued, you might still be able to get your hands on the vehicle through your local dealer. The Voyager is also available to corporate customers as a fleet-only vehicle.

This model has the best resale value among other Chrysler vehicles as it will retain about 51.5% of its value after 5 years. 

4. Chrysler Pacifica

The Pacifica is a versatile minivan that has both space and fuel efficiency. It offers nearly every driver-assistance feature available today and is packed with slide-out bins, cupholders, cubbies, and connectivity – everything that minivan buyers adore.

The 5-year resale value of a Chrysler Pacifica is around 51.4%.

5. Kia Carnival

Unlike a lot of other minivans, the Kia Carnival wears a cool SUV-inspired look. Though it is not as roomy as the other vehicles from our list, there is definitely enough space inside the minivan for an average-sized family thanks to the tall roof and low-load floor. 

The model that is loaded with driver-assistance features and modern infotainment has a 50.1% 5-year resale value which is not the best, but still pretty decent.

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Why Pick A Minivan That Will Maintain Its Value?

A vehicle is a valuable asset that you can use to get access to quick cash in case a disaster strikes. 

If you have managed to purchase one of the models from our list and you took great care of it, you would be able to sell it for an attractive price. But if you need your car to get extra cash fast, and selling it is not the best option, you might want to use your car’s title as collateral to take out a title loan. 

How Will The Value Of Your Car Be Determined?

If you decide to work with Utah Title Loans, Inc., the value of your vehicle will be determined during an in-person inspection by one of our verification agents. The professional will assess the condition of your minivan and determine its value using a nationally recognized pricing guide.

This whole process might take just 30 minutes, by the way. Furthermore, you wouldn’t even have to drive to the store to get your minivan inspected – our agent can come to your preferred location in the shortest timeframe.

Will You Be Allowed To Continue Driving Your Minivan?

Another great thing about doing business with us is the fact that you’ll get to keep your vehicle while repaying the loan (which you certainly won’t be able to do if you decide to sell it).

Take Care Of Your Emergency Today!

In 2024, it is important to pick a minivan that will maintain value for years to come as this might allow you to qualify for a larger sum, in case you choose to take out a title loan. With Utah Title Loans, Inc., you can receive up to $15,000 the same or the following bank day.

We work with all credit situations and you wouldn’t ever have to step foot into our store during the title loan process. If you’re ready to get started, make sure that you have a lien-free title with your name on it, and spend a minute of your free time filling out our online inquiry form. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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