avoid mistakes with utah vehicle title

The Most Important Mistakes To Avoid With Your Utah Vehicle Title

Your Utah vehicle title is the only proof of ownership you have, and as the owner of the title, it’s your responsibility to make sure it stays in good condition. Here are the worst mistakes to avoid with your Utah vehicle title.

Errors on your Utah vehicle title should be immediately rectified with a visit to the DMV. Do not correct any information on your title yourself; it will be voided. You should also make sure that you replace your title as needed should it be torn, ripped, or damaged in any way.

There’s a lot to think about regarding your Utah car title, but the simple rule of thumb is that your title needs to be perfect—with no errors in the information or the appearance of the document—for it to be valid. The rest of this article will discuss the most important Utah car title mistakes to avoid.

Important Car Title Mistakes To Avoid

Errors On Your Title

Sometimes, mistakes happen, and when they do, you must correct them quickly. If you don’t the validity of your title, and thus the ownership of your car, can be called into question.

The legal penalties of having the wrong information on your title aren’t worth your time, so make sure you review your title before making a sale or transfer.

If there is any information that is incorrect on your title, take it to the DMV so that they can issue a replacement. Bring along the old title as well so that it can be discarded.

Whatever you do, don’t blot out or try to correct your Utah vehicle title. A legally binding document shouldn’t be tampered with, and any attempt to modify the information on the title will render it void.

mistakes to avoid with utah car title

Not Transferring Your Title After A Sale

You must transfer the title of a car after a sale, whether you’re the seller or the buyer. The buyer should always receive the signed title from the seller so that they can register the vehicle and provide proof of ownership.

Remember, the title is your only proof of ownership for the vehicle you’re driving, so make sure you have the title transferred to you if you’re buying a vehicle. As a seller, you’re obligated to hand over the title once you sell the vehicle, so make sure you submit all of the appropriate forms and paperwork, including the signed title, before you hand over the vehicle.

Buying A Title With The Wrong Name On It

Another concerning mistake people make with a car title is buying a title with the wrong seller’s name on it or with a buyer’s name already filled out. This situation can have two potential causes.

First, the seller might have tried to sell the car to a buyer who backed out after signing the title. In this event, it’s the seller’s responsibility to have the title replaced. You as the new buyer can’t legally own a title with someone else’s signature on it.

If you see that the title of the vehicle you are purchasing has a different seller’s signature than the one given to you, you should leave the deal immediately.

The seller’s signature should always match the legal name of the person selling you the car. If it doesn’t, then someone may be trying to sell you a stolen vehicle.

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