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6 Of The Most Expensive Home Repairs And How To Pay For Them

Funding some of the most expensive home repairs can be overwhelming for any homeowner, but less so with the help of Utah Title Loans, Inc. Taking advantage of the car title loans they offer can give you quick cash so you can settle those repairs almost immediately.

Before that, you should know which pricey household repairs you will likely experience. To find out more, read through this guide to discover 6 of the most expensive home repairs you might encounter, plus a few ways to pay for them if needed.

What Are The 6 Most Expensive Home Repairs?

Anticipating repairs is normal for any homeowner. However, some repairs require much more time, effort, and resources to deal with.

Here are 6 of the most expensive home repairs that you should prepare for:

1. Foundation Repairs

First on this list of the most expensive home repairs is anything that has to do with the home’s foundation. 

As the name suggests, the foundation is what the entire structure of your home sits on. It sustains the weight of your home and everything in it while distributing that weight evenly over the ground that it sits on.

Foundation problems that require expensive repairs include growing cracks and gaps that worsen with time. Those problems have solutions, but they’ll cost you a pretty penny.

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2. Roofing Repair

Aside from what’s underneath the home, you can also spend a lot of money fixing what’s above it, i.e. the roof. 

The roof protects your home from the elements and maintains a comfortable temperature inside all year around.

Unfortunately, roofs can experience damage from things like cracked shingles, water leaks, and more. Worse yet, roofs also need to be replaced eventually when they wear out, regardless of their type.

3. Failed Water Heater

Many people learn the hard way that a failed water heater is also one of the most expensive home repairs they could ever pay for. Granted, hot water heaters typically last many years and rarely fail.

But once they go bad, you’ll have to replace the entire unit immediately, or your home will lack any hot water and could possibly fall victim to a flood. That can be especially unpleasant if it happens during the year's colder months.

4. Termite Extermination

Another surprising entry on this list of the most expensive home repairs is termite extermination.

Firstly, termite extermination costs depend on how severe the infestation is in your home. Sadly, those infestations can be quite terrible in many cases because they go undetected for a long time.

5. Mold Issues

Some of the issues above, like damaged roofs and leaking or busted water heaters, can also lead to secondary problems. One of the most notable ones is mold, which can make your family members sick.

You can clear small mold patches yourself as a DIY task, but it’s always best to go with a professional who can sort it out permanently. As you’d expect, professional help is effective but expensive.

6. Repairing Or Replacing Water Pipes

Lastly, repairing or replacing the major water pipes in your home can get quite expensive. More specifically, pipes hidden behind walls or underneath the structure are the ones that are more expensive to replace when they wear out.

Unlike the pipes under your sink that are easy to get to, pipes in the walls or under your home likely require hacking to reach them. That extra work will add to the overall cost!

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How Can You Get Money To Pay For Home Repairs?

Finding qualified people to perform home repairs isn’t as challenging as it is to fund those repairs. Here are the best ways you can pay for those major repairs if they become necessary:

  • Personal Savings: The quickest way to get money for repairs is to dip into your personal savings if you have any. That way, you can pay your repair bills immediately without a problem.
  • Home repair loans: Some financial institutions offer home repair loans designed specifically for these kinds of problems. They can be helpful, though they take some time to get approved.
  • Credit Cards: Using your cards can be helpful if you have enough remaining balance to cover the repairs.
  • Car title loans: A quicker option is to get a car title loan from Utah Title Loans, Inc. If your loan request is approved, you can get money as early as the same day or on the next business day. That’s helpful for emergency repairs that need to be paid for quickly.


As a homeowner, you must be aware of the major and expensive repairs you might have to pay for. Repairs for foundation and mold issues, for example, are challenging to predict. Still, you can safely anticipate they’ll cost a lot of money.

You can pay for those repairs through your personal savings, credit cards, or home repair loans. However, emergency car title loans from Utah Title Loans, Inc. can be a quicker option to help you fund those repairs immediately. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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