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Need Help Paying Electric Bill Payments? Here's What To Do

When you need help paying electric bill, you actually have a handful of options available to you in Utah, such as the Utah Home Energy Assistance Program, the Salvation Army Emergency Utility Assistance Programs, a budget bill system from your electricity provider, quick cash car title loans.

Each of these options has its benefits. Let's discover how each of these financial tools could help pay your electricity bill this year to help you decide which one suits you best.

Top 5 Ways To Get Help Paying Your Electric Bill

1. Access The Utah Home Energy Assistance Target Program

The Utah Home Energy Assistance Target program distributes grants to struggling and low-income households to fund their utility and heating bills. So, it's one of the first routes to try when you need help paying electric bill. The program’s primary goal is to help eligible individuals and families meet the increasing energy costs.

The program is provided by the Utah State Energy Assistance and Lifeline Office and you need a few documents to hand when you apply to the program, including:

  • Social Security cards for you and anybody else in your household.
  • Your driver's license.
  • Proof of income for everybody in your house.
  • Your most recent electric bill.
  • Your most recent heating bill.
  • Copy of the disconnect notice, if applicable.

seek help from the salvation army utility assistance programs

2. Get Help From The Salvation Army Utility Assistance Programs

The Salvation Army provides a range of services to help families and individuals across the United States. They understand that life throws us curveballs that could drastically impact our ability to pay for necessities.

When you need help paying electric bill, you can access a few of the Salvation Army's programs, including the following:

  • HeatShare — If you don't have any other options, HeatShare gives you emergency utility assistance. Generally, the funds from this program are used to pay for electricity, wood, propane, natural gas, oil, and emergency furnace repairs. 
  • Energy Assistance Services (EAS) — To gain access to this program, you must be classified as a low-income household. It gives you various benefits, including bill payment assistance, case management services, and subsidy program enrollments to energy providers. You must meet with a case specialist who determines whether you're eligible for the program.

3. Ask Your Electricity Supplier For A Budget Bill System

Sometimes called level billing, it uses your previous 12 months of utility bills to find a monthly average. You're charged the average from that point onwards, allowing you to better budget your money and avoid price spikes in high-usage periods.

However, keep in mind that not all electricity or heating providers offer this system. So, check beforehand if you're unsure.

4. Access The Federal Low Income Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded scheme offering financial help with home energy bills. On top of that, it provides weatherization and minor home repairs to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

To find out whether you qualify for LIHEAP, you can contact your local LIHEAP office. Just keep in mind that qualifying for the program doesn't necessarily guarantee help. It depends on the initiative's budget for the year. Usually, only 20% of approved households receive benefits.

qualify for quick cash car title loans

5. Qualify For Quick Cash Car Title Loans

If you don't qualify for any of the programs above or you need help urgently and can’t afford the time it may take to get approved to get help paying electric bill fast, a car title loan can be an option worth considering.

With a title loan from Utah Title Loans, Inc., you can borrow anywhere from $300 to $15,000 to keep your electricity running during times of financial hardship. The exact value of the loan will depend on your vehicle’s value.

How To Get Quick Cash Car Title Loans?

The in-person process to qualify for car title loans in Utah takes as little as 30 minutes, and you'll receive your money either on the same day or the very next business day. Follow the steps below to qualify for a quick title loan from Utah Title Loans, Inc.:

  1. Complete an online title loan form to get started.
  2. Receive a phone call from one of our loan representatives. They'll answer your questions and ensure you know the required items. You can choose whether you meet at your closest Utah Title Loans, Inc. store or any location of your choice.
  3. Meet the loan representative with your driver's license, your vehicle, and your lien-free title to your vehicle.
  4. Wait while our loan representative inspects your vehicle and paperwork to establish whether you qualify for quick cash car title loans. 
  5. If you are found to be qualified, you can finish the paperwork with the loan representative.
  6. Receive the money you need on the same or very next business day.

Find The Help You Need Today

When you need help paying electric bill, it can feel like it’s a heavy task to find the help you need. But you actually have several options that are accessible. Try the ones that fit your situation best and remember that quick cash car title loans can take as little as a single day to qualify for. Submit an online form today to find out if you qualify.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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