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Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money Today

Anyone can find themselves in a pinch these days, so knowing quick and easy ways to make money is important if you don’t want one emergency to bust through your entire budget and put you in a money hole. Here are some of the methods we find work best no matter the situation, including receiving a title loan.

Here Are Quick And Easy Ways To Make Money ASAP

1. Find Someone Who Needs Assistance in Your Area

Does anyone nearby need help moving, shoveling snow, or babysitting? If you just need a little cash, then any of these could be a good opportunity for quick and easy ways to make money.

When someone asks for assistance, they usually offer payment the same day and in cash, which could plug the financial hole you’re facing if it’s not anything significant.

Check out Craigslist, or use a platform like TaskRabbit which connects people looking for one-off jobs with those in need of assistance.

2. Become a Delivery Man for Uber Eats

The one industry that definitely hasn’t suffered during the 2020 pandemic is food delivery. In fact, it has only grown – and is always looking for new employees.

While there are several delivery services you could work with, Uber Eats is the best for those seeking quick payout – as it allows you to cash in up to 5 times a day. On the downside, Uber has specific requirements for those who they employ, where vehicles and experience are concerned. Still, worth a try.

3. Find an Online Freelance

Okay, if you need money very fast – i.e. it cannot wait till tomorrow – this might not be the best option for quick and easy ways to make money, but you should still give it a go.

If you’re a good writer, graphic designer, or are into coding, then larger platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr, are definitely going to have a wide range of employment options for you. Among them the kind that offers a quick payout (at the latest the next day).

It’s getting employed that could take some time due to the fierce competition on these platforms, as well as the employer taking their time to check out the proposals they receive.

Still, if you’re lucky (and not very picky), you could try exactly what you need.

4. Find Out if Your Company Can Give You Salary Advance

This is technically not making money, but it will put cash in your hands, so it counts.

A salary advance is when you get a partial (or entire) paycheck before payday. With quick and easy ways to make money like this, you continue working as usual to get cash now, but it will mean getting less in your actual paycheck later (or none at all, depending on how much you get as an advance)

The downside is that company policies differ wildly when it comes to advances. Some have a simple and straightforward policy that doesn’t make it a big deal, but others only offer advances in very specific situations (illness, death in the family, etc. – all proven by documents, of course), while the rest don’t offer it at all.

Before applying, talk to HR to find out what your company policy is, and if anything can be worked out specifically for your situation.

utah title loans

5. Take Out a Short-Term Fast Loan

The only option that can provide you with one of the quick and easy ways to make money you need on the exact day you need it, is taking out a short-term fast loan, like a title loan, or a payday loan.

Which Short-Term Fast Loan is The Best?

If you’re a car owner, then you should apply for a title loan for the best quick and easy ways to make money the same day you need it.

It’s the short-term fast loan that allows you to take out the most money (up to $15K) allowing you to cover any type of emergency without having to think twice about where to get more cash.

And you can take out this type of loan without having to go through a bureaucratic hell first: you only need your car title (it must be in your name and completely lien-free) and your government-issued ID (you must be over 18) to apply. Usually, the entire approval procedure takes somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes and when applying for the loan at Utah Title Loans, you can rest assured that you’ll get the money the same day if you’re approved.

The lender will accommodate any type of income and won’t be relying on your credit for approval, so if you’re worried about your credit score being bad (or non-existent), don’t be – it won’t make a difference.

How Do I Acquire Title Loans Online?

  1. Go to the and fill out the online form.
  2. Wait for the loan representative to contact you and set up a meeting.
  3. Bring your car, your car’s lien-free title, and your government-issued ID to the meeting so that the loan representative can assess everything and determine if you qualify for the loan.
  4. Get approved and get your cash!

Finding quick and easy ways to make money is not always easy, especially if you don’t know where to look. But if you own a car, live in Utah, and have the simple requirements needed for a same day car title loan, then you have the opportunity to grab the fast cash you need, the same day you need it at Utah Title Loans Inc.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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