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Creative Ways To Save Money On Groceries For A Large Family

Buying groceries for a large family can get complicated when you are on a tight budget and trying to save money. Yet, there are ways you can feed your family well and save on food costs with just some smart thinking and a bit of research. 

Saving on food costs could help you manage your money better each month. One important aspect isn't to just buy cheap food but to buy healthy, affordable food. Here are five easy, creative ways to save money on groceries for a large family. 

5 Ways You Can Save Money On Groceries While On A Tight Budget

1. Cook More Vegetables

The first thing you should do to save money on groceries is shop for the vegetables that are on sale. Even if some vegetables are new to you, there are ways you can use different kinds of vegetables as healthier alternatives for other foods.

Things like yucca or cauliflower can be creamed into a mashed consistency, making for a healthier, cheaper alternative to mashed potatoes. Greens are also very versatile and are almost always on sale and squash can be made into several dishes. 

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2. Learn To Cook From Scratch

Anything you buy already prepared is going to cost more than cooking the food yourself. Learn to stock up on more affordable foods – and pantry staples – like pasta, orzo, sauces, and other baking supplies to cook your own meals.

They can be used for multiple meals in different variations. And if you ever get stuck for ideas, just do a quick search and you will find dozens of recipes you can whip up. You can also get the kids involved by allowing them to learn how to cook with you.

3. Buy Meat After The New Truck Comes In

Grocery stores reduce the cost of packaged meat when the new truck of fresh meat arrives. It's still great meat, it just must be either cooked or frozen quickly as it's nearing the five-day mark. This is a great time to buy ground meat, pork, beef roasts, and chicken. 

When it comes to certain cuts of chicken, they can be versatile as they can be fried, baked, pulled, and cut. they can also be used in meals like soups, casseroles, and dumplings, so they stretch well for those on a tight budget.

4. Use Apps For Cashback And Deals

The next thing you should do is look for apps that can get you cashback or special deals – there are plenty that offer cash back and coupons. Two popular apps that can help you get cash back and look for deals are Ibotta and Upside.

Ibotta includes almost every store, but you have to compare savings with prices of cheaper available items to get the best deal. Upside has savings on gas, restaurants, and some grocery stores. Both give you cash back you can withdraw easily to go back into your bank account. 

5. Plan Out Your Meals

Those trying to feed a large family and save money must plan out meals to budget what to buy. Try to plan with items that can be used in several different ways over the next week or two. You should also buy items that don't go bad quickly and can become pantry staples.

When it comes to versatile items, these typically include rice, dried beans, pasta, ground beef, eggs, and chicken. Again, planning out your meals allows you to improve the health of your family because you can make sure that what you are eating is good for you.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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