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9 Things to Do in St. George, Utah This Summer

There are lots of things to do in St. George, Utah. You can check out local culture, history, and enjoy the natural wonders of Utah’s landscape.

9 Top Things To Do In St. George, Utah On Vacation

These are some of the things that you can see and do on your next trip to St. George and how to get a loan in St. George, Utah.

1. Sand Hollow State Park

If you like nature, one of the best things to do in St. George, Utah is to visit Sand Hollow State Park. This is the home of the Sand Hollow Reservoir. This is one of the largest parks in all of Utah, with one of the best lakes and one of the best beaches to go with it.

This is a different landscape than you will find in other parts of Utah. You can relax on an orange-tinted beach and enjoy the view of snow-peaked mountains surrounding a crystal-clear lake.

2. Brigham Young Winter House

The Brigham Young Winter House is a museum located in the former home of Brigham Young, the President of the Mormon Church in the 1870s. Young moved here to ease the symptoms of arthritis and the museum now holds furniture and artifacts from his life. The house is perfectly preserved, and admission is free. You can’t beat it.

3. Town Square Park

If you have kids with you and want to have free fun on a lazy afternoon, one of the things to do in St. George, Utah is to take them to Town Square Park. You can enjoy a splash pad, a lazy river, and other aquatic entertainment.

4. Red Hills Desert Garden

The Red Hills Desert Garden is a beautiful garden that gives you a taste of the countryside. You can find the names and descriptions of various plants posted on signs as you walk through the garden.

Red Hills Desert Garden is also located in the vicinity of another popular park in St. George, called Pioneer Park. You can easily combine a visit to these two places in one single trip.

5. Kayenta Art Village

Down the road from St. George, a short way is the Kayenta Art Village. You can enjoy art galleries, spas, studios, and even an outdoor café here at the art village.

This is a stress-free and pedestrian-only area that you can enjoy if you want to enjoy a pleasant morning and grab a light lunch.

petroglyphs in st george

6. Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs

If you want to take a trip out into the desert, you should check out the Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs. You can follow a walking trail that leads you to several large and well-known petroglyphs on huge boulders.

7. St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site At Johnson Farm

Do you want to see one of the exact spots where a dinosaur once walked? St. George Dinosaur Discover Site is located by an early-Jurassic lake, and there are thousands of fossilized footprints from dinosaurs.

In addition to ancient dinosaurs’ footprints, you can also find the swim trails of fish and insects as well. You can also enjoy various dinosaur-themed murals and learn more information about them in the exhibition area.

8. Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park is located on the outskirts of St. George. There are lots of recreational activities to enjoy here, including fishing, swimming, boating, and even stand-up paddleboarding.

You also do not need to worry about bringing your own equipment for any of these activities, because you can rent your gear here at the park. However, if you do choose to bring your own boat, you need to have proof that you have decontaminated the vessel of Quagga mussels.

9. Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum

If you like history, one of the best things to do in St. George is to check out the Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum. This place has one of the finest aviation museums in Utah

There is a splendid collection of fighter jets here, including the MiG fighters that were used by the Soviet Union as well as satellite countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia, and China.

These are rare jets that have been preserved in excellent condition, and you even have the chance to climb inside the cockpit if you choose to imagine yourself as a fighter pilot.

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Final Thoughts

You will never run out of cool things to do in St. George, Utah. These are simply some of the most fun places to see. You can start planning your next vacation there today.

Once you visit once, you will never want to leave. Also remember, if you encounter an emergency expense, one option that you can choose to cover it is to get help in the form of a Utah car title loan.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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