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What Is Credit Repair?

Credit repair companies target those with bad credit and advertise their fantastic capabilities of cleaning up your credit report. Of course, these companies can provide a one-stop-shop solution to your credit score problems, but there are no-cost ways (DIY) ways to solve your credit issues.

We've dedicated this space to answering your "what is credit repair" question and divulging ways you can fix your score without paying for a credit repair company.

A Look Into Credit Repair

Credit repair is hiring a company to remedy your poor credit. They'll remove inaccurate or harmful information from your credit reports to do this.

They communicate with various credit bureaus on your behalf to remove the information. Depending on your economic environment, they may speak to banks and debt collectors to solve errors. 

While there is a lot of back-and-forth with these companies, they aim to improve your credit rating. However, keep in mind that they do not help you manage money. You pay them to enhance your credit score, nothing more.

Let's Talk Cost

As we alluded to, using a credit repair company isn't free. Although, you won't have to pay until they've delivered their service.

Generally, companies provide rates in one of two ways:

  • monthly
  • per item eradicated from your report

If a company charges monthly, you pay for the services you received over the last 30 days. On the other hand, you only pay once the information is removed with the latter method.

Avoiding The Bad, Working With The Good

Naturally, not every credit repair company was created equal. Some businesses claiming to offer these services aren't reliable, honest, or trustworthy.

Thankfully, if you decide to use a credit repair company, you're protected under the CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act). It oversees how such businesses can operate.

You should look for companies that follow the CROA, particularly regarding the following points:

  • You have three days to cancel their services without charge.
  • They can't guarantee that they'll be able to remove information from your credit report.
  • They can't advise you to change your identity or make false statements.
  • They can't charge fees for services that aren't fully rendered.

The DIY Answer To Your "What Is Credit Repair" Query

If you don't want to spend money but still wish to clean up your credit report, you're in luck! You'll find the best ways to improve your credit score for free below:

  • Dispute errors found in your report — Download your credit reports and look for mistakes. If you find any, dispute it immediately. You can find information on how to do this on the bureau’s websites.
  • Pay off debt — Having outstanding balances on your credit card can cause low credit ratings. Paying off revolving credit quickly is a sure-fire way to boost your score.
  • Pay your bills on time — Payment history is a major influential credit score factor. Ensuring you pay your bills on time will alleviate negative scores.
  • Get as close to 30% credit utilization or less as possible — Credit utilization is the portion of your credit limit in use at a time. After payment history, it's the second most important factor in FICO score calculations. Ideally, you should whittle utilization down to 10% to see drastic score improvements.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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