3 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Ring in Prosperity

November 30, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

New Year’s is a holiday when we take stock of everything that’s happened in the past year and think about where we want the new year to take us. And that place? Financial success: no matter how you define it (investing in your retirement, paying off your debt, taking a vacation), all of us have financial goals that we want to reach.

Fun Traditions to Ring In Wealth This New Year

This hope for greater financial stability and success in the new year has been a constant through human history, and since people are naturally superstitious, over the centuries cultures all across the world have developed New Year’s superstitions and traditions to try and bring prosperity in the new year. Here we’ve collected three of our favorites.

Eat Grapes

Many cultures have superstitions about various foods that will bring good luck in the new year (in the American south black-eyed peas, greens and cornbread are all considered lucky), but one, in particular, is the belief in many Latin American countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, that eating grapes on New Year’s will bring good luck.

Traditionally, you’re supposed to eat one grape for each stroke of the clock (twelve in total) at exactly midnight. Each grape represents one of the months of the year, and how that grape taste is indicative of your fortunes in that month. If the first grape is bitter you should watch out for January, while if it’s sweet you’ll do well.

Bring Things Full Circle

Just as New Year’s can represent the bringing in of the new, it can also represent the full circle that was opened last New Year’s. To symbolize this full circle, many cultures have traditions related to either wearing rings, eating ring-shaped foods, or even just wearing clothes with circle designs on them like polka dots.

Keep Money on You

The logic behind this tradition actually kind of makes sense: however you ring in the new year is how you’ll spend the whole year. So, if you ring it in while you’re poor it’ll be a poor year, while if you’re rich it’ll be a prosperous year. Unfortunately, we don’t always control our financial situation, so this tradition is something of a fake-it-till-you-make-it: have cash on you when the clock strikes twelve.

In some cultures where you keep the money is important (in Chile you keep it in the toe of your shoe), but in general, it’s just important to have cash on your person or in your immediate vicinity. And while we wouldn’t suggest pulling out money from your bank account for New Year’s, what’s the harm in keeping your wallet in your pocket?

Planning Ahead for 2019

While it’s not a tradition or superstition, one way to safeguard your financial health in the new year is to consider taking out a cash advance near you. We here at Utah Title Loans, Inc are committed to helping everyone succeed and grow their financial health each year.