4 Things a Title Loan Can Cover to Make a Perfect Proposal (Propose Day is March 20)

March 2, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

March 20 is National Propose Day, which just so happens to be the first day of spring. This is the first of two proposal days every year, with the second being on the first day of fall. If you are considering popping the question this Propose Day, you are probably already well aware of all the costs associated with getting engaged, and hopefully, you are organized and financially prepared.

But if you are pressed for time and funds like many Americans, there is a growing trend of covering the short-term cost of engagement with non-traditional funding sources, including title loans.

How Title Loans Could Help You Pop the Question

For those who aren't familiar with what a Utah title loan is, they are short-term loans that are secured by the lien-free title of a vehicle you own. While the lender keeps the title as collateral while the loan is being repaid, you are able to keep and drive your vehicle as usual in the interim. This kind of loan is ideal for unexpected expenses, sudden emergencies or making an important purchase that can't wait.

Here are four things that getting a title loan could help you with if you want to get engaged this year:

Unforeseen Wedding Costs

Obviously, weddings aren’t cheap. In fact, the average wedding costs a staggering $35,000. While the average is probably far from the norm, it’s still a very expensive proposition to plan and pay for a wedding. Studies show that an engagement ring costs about $6,000 on average, an engagement photographer costs around $250, and the average cost of a wedding dress is a whopping $1,500.

Even more frustrating are the seemingly endless costs of throwing an event that just keep coming and coming, including catering, paying the officiant and even the cost of transportation. Even the best planners end up getting hit with unexpected expenses for their wedding and engagements, and a title loan could help with these last-minute costs.

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Food Costs

While planning a wedding, you don’t exactly forgo eating, which is another expense that many people overlook. There is usually some sort of celebratory dinner, which is usually held at a restaurant. Depending on the size of your family and wedding party, this single dinner could run well into the thousands.

Speaking of food, a wedding caterer typically charges per guest, and that can range between $20-$100 a head, depending on the menu. The Knot, a popular wedding publication, reveals that the national average catering cost for weddings was $71 per guest in its 2016 Real Weddings Study. Since the average number of wedding guests is 141, that adds up to over $10,000 for catering alone.

Extra Car Costs

With most wedding planning, you’ll have a lot more places to go than usual. This includes choosing a venue, visiting florists, attending food tastings and all the other details that go into planning the perfect wedding. That means you’ll need more money for gas, vehicle maintenance, and maybe even an unexpected repair.


How Could You Use a Title Loan to Propose?

So, are you ready to pop the question? What better way to start your life as an official couple than to begin your “story of us” on the first day of spring? Fun fact: “spring” is defined as the early part or first stage of something. That will make a lovely addition to your engagement story, and your most special of days all the more memorable