Celebrate the 4th of July in Utah with

These Affordable Things to Do

June 15, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

If you had to choose a state to spend the 4th of July and celebrate our nation’s independence, Utah would easily be in the top five. This great state is filled to the brim with a huge variety of Fourth of July celebrations, along with a variety of other great family activities that are guaranteed to keep you busy all week long.

And if you’re worried about the cost involved, don’t: just like most other holidays there are plenty of fun activities that won’t break your budget.

Keep Your 4th of July Celebrations on a Budget

Not all of us have the option of putting expenses on credit cards or searching “Utah title loans near me” on Google to get extra cash. To help you make the most of your Fourth of July holiday, we’ve put together a list of fun activities that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Balloon Festival

One of the most famous Independence Day events in Utah is the Balloon Festival. Imagine a sea of hot air balloons majestically rising over the Utah Valley just as dawn is breaking. It is a breathtaking sight to behold, and over 25,000 spectators celebrate their 4th of July weekend watching these majestic giants take flight over the course of three consecutive mornings.

Balloon pilots from around the world come here to compete in races, bean bag bombing runs, and mid-air jousting. It’s a truly awesome spectacle and a great place to take the family. Best of all, it is completely free.

Freedom Days

If you’re more in the mood for getting out and about, then Freedom Days on Provo Center Street is where you want to be on the 4th. It’s a four-day festival complete with rides for the kids, endless vendors, live music and all of the traditional fair food you can handle.

The festival is also host to one of the largest and most iconic holiday events in Utah: the Freedom Festival Grand Parade, which draws over 300,000 spectators annually.

Cries Of Freedom

Speaking of freedom, if you want to get back to the true spirit and history of the holiday, the annual Cries of Freedom musical is a popular event that tells the story of people seeking their freedom throughout the ages, including the birth of our nation. It’s a guaranteed hit for both kids and adults, and completely free for everyone.

Colonial Heritage Festival

If what you’re looking for is a more grounded historical experience, then the Colonial Heritage Festival in SCERA Park is all about taking a trip back in time.

Within the festival village, you’ll be able to walk through an authentic colonial town and interact with performers in period clothes and character. For the kids, there are also traditional colonial-era games to enjoy, along with plenty of exhibits and traditional craftsmen working with period tools.

Park City Fireworks

The single best place to watch fireworks in Utah on the 4th is in Park City. The fireworks show is legendary and fills the night sky with light for hundreds of miles around before the backdrop of Park City Mountain.

If the fireworks are your favorite part of celebrating the Fourth of July, nothing beats the beauty and the boom that Park City delivers.