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How The Frugal Are Saving Money On One Income

The term “frugal” is often associated with negative words such as cheap or stingy. However, frugal is not synonymous with being cheap or stingy in the slightest. In fact, being frugal is simply using an effective money saving method. We’ve compiled a list of ways frugal saving money tips so you can give it a try for yourself. 

Whether the pandemic left your family relying on one income, your spouse is staying home to raise your kids, or your partner is on the job hunt, applying frugal saving money mechanisms for one income can make life much easier. And when an emergency strikes and saving money isn’t enough, you can always consider payday loans Utah as an option.

5 Frugal Saving Money Tips To Try With One Income

1. Making Use Of Budget Planning Apps

There’s an app for everything these days, including those designed to help you on your frugal saving money journey. Whether it’s an app that encourages you to input your monthly expenses clearly or even one that locks your account when it comes to unnecessary purchases, it can help you organize your frugal saving money plan. 

Saving is easier when you have a clear idea of the areas you need to focus on. There are many apps that even break up your monthly expenses into various categories so you can explicitly see where your funds are going and if you need to alter the pattern.

2. The Frugal Are Saving Money By Buying Second Hand

Living on one income can be stressful. So, why not ease the burden by buying used clothing, equipment, furniture, and so on. There are ample marketplaces designed to handle the second-hand shopping and purchasing process.

You can scroll through endless pages of products in excellent condition for a fraction of the cost of their brand-new counterparts. Of course, some items must be bought new; but many can be used and work just as well. Maybe it’s a dishwasher, a car, or a fun T-shirt, it will save you money and take some pressure off your income. 

3. Swap Transport Costs For Exercise

Another great frugal saving money method is to re-evaluate your transport costs. Depending on your workplace location, you could save a significant amount by swapping a public transport pass or car for a bicycle. Of course, this is not possible if you live in a region with cold, snowy winters or if your workplace is too far. But, if it is possible, you can get your workout in on the way to work and save a good sum of money on transport costs. A bike ride is a wonderful way to start the day and to help with your frugal saving money plan. 

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4. Sharing Is Caring

If you’re trying to stretch one income and therefore looking for some frugal saving money methods, we recommend sharing more. Perhaps, this sounds like a lesson from kindergarten, but it can indeed help to bring down bills. Maybe it means sharing dishes at a restaurant or sharing a ride with a friend to work. Sharing is a great way to lower costs without losing much at all. Take a look at your expenses and see if any areas could be spread between more than one person. 

5. Making Use Of A Payday Loan

Being frugal is difficult when unexpected costs arise. For instance, you have an accident and need to pay a medical bill, or your home requires emergency repairs. A payday loan can help with your frugal saving money journey by providing the money you need right when you need it. 

What Is A Payday Loan?

These are loans of up to $500 that use your next paycheck to secure the loan so you can get the cash you need when you need it most.

What Are The Benefits Of A Payday Loan From Utah Title Loans, Inc.? 

  • The process can take as little as 30 minutes.
  • The loan requires very few documents (Government-issued photo ID, your most recent pay stub, a blank check from an active checking account in your name.)
  • You can qualify with any credit score (bad credit or good credit) 

How Do I Qualify For A Payday Loan?

  1. Begin by filling in the online request form on Utah Title Loans, Inc.
  2. Once the form is submitted, a representative from the closest Utah Title Loans, Inc. location to you will give you a call. They will walk you through the process as well as answer any questions you may have. 
  3. Following your call, you can bring your government-issued ID, your most recent pay stub, and a blank check from an active checking account in your name to that location for verification.
  4. One of our friendly representatives will verify your documents and guide you through the final steps which include some straightforward and quick paperwork. 
  5. If you are approved, you can receive your money on the same day or the following business day.

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Let’s Get Saving

These frugal saving money methods can be very helpful, especially if you are relying on one income. However, when it comes to money saving, unexpected costs can be concerning.

That’s why we’ve made our payday loan process simple and quick so you can get what you need right when you need it. Submit an online form to get started today. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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