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4 Unexpected Ways People Get Help With Water Bill Expenses

No matter how frugal you are with your water, you may still need help with water bill. Water and energy bills tend to be astronomical because of how often we use both resources. From doing your laundry to brushing your teeth, water is essential for many tasks we do every day.

If you cannot pay your utility bill out of pocket, there are ways that you can get help with water bill. In fact, there are four unexpected ways that people get help with their water bill expenses. Keep reading to learn how these people get help with water bills even when things are tough, including using government assistance programs or qualifying for payday loans Utah.

4 Ways People Find Help With Water Bill

Here are 4 unexpected ways that people use to get help with water bill, one of which may work for you as well: 

1. Ask For An Extension

A lot of people do not realize that many utility companies will offer an extension if you have been a responsible customer in the past. Say that you have always paid your bills on time and never had any problems. However, some emergency or change in situations has made it impossible to pay this month’s bill.

If that’s the case, most utility companies will offer an extension. Although it’s not guaranteed they will do this, it never hurts to ask. Especially if you have been a stand-up customer, call your utility company to see if they will consider giving you an extension given the circumstances.

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2. Government Programs

If you struggle to pay your water bill every month, you can try to get help with water bill expenses from the government. There are many programs in place that help people who struggle to pay for their basic living necessities, such as water.

The EPA offers Drinking Water and Wastewater Utility Assistance for people around the nation. There are even state or local specific programs that can help you out. You can contact your local human services department to learn if there are any programs like this in your area.

3. Nonprofit Organizations

In addition to the government, there are plenty of nonprofit organizations that help people out when they are having trouble paying their bills. For example, the Help to Others H2O program can help you pay your water bill.

4. Getting Payday Loans

If you are unable to get assistance to pay off your water bills, you’re still not out of luck. You can get a short-term loan to help pay off your water bill when things are tight. Short-term loans are a great choice if you are struggling to pay the bill due to unforeseen circumstances.

Some of your loan options to get help with water bill expenses are Utah title loans, payday loans, and signature installment loans. All of these loans can help you get cash fast so that you can pay off your water bill as soon as needed.

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Get Help with Water Bill with Short-Term Loans

If you need to get help with water bill expenses through short-term loans, it’s important to select the right loan based on your needs and situation. Utah Title Loans, Inc provides loan options to help pay off your water bill when you are in a pinch.

About Title Loans

Title loans use your vehicle title as collateral, but the vehicle stays in your possession while you are repaying the loan. The benefit of title loans is that they are snappy for when you need cash fast. With a title loan, you can borrow between $300 and $15,000, depending on your car’s value.

About Payday Loans

A Utah payday loan is another type of short-term loan. The main difference between a Utah payday loan and other types is that you pay back the loan with your next payday. A Utah payday loan can be considered if you have a source of income and will be able to pay the loan when you get your next check.

With a Utah payday loan, you can get up to $500, which is an amount of money that can help with water bill when you’re just a bit short on cash.

About Signature Installment Loans

Signature installment loans are another short-term loan to consider. With signature installment loans, you will pay back the loan through a series of set installments or payments. The max loan amount of a signature installment loan is up to $1250.

Get The Help You Need Today

Water is an everyday essential that everyone needs. If you cannot afford your water bill this month, don’t wait until your water is turned off.

Instead, think outside the box to get help with water bill. Calling your utility company, utilizing government resources, or contacting local nonprofit organizations near you can help you get some money.

You can also get a short-term loan. Utah Title Loans, Inc. can help you get the money you need fast. You can get help with water bill expenses by submitting an online loan form on Utah Title Loans, Inc. or calling 800-514-2274 today. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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