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What Is The Process To Get Online Title Loans?

Online title loans are a choice for borrowers with bad credit who need money quickly to fund emergencies like home repairs, medical bills, or urgent medical attention for family members or furry friends. However, if you've never applied for one before, it may feel like a daunting process.

With that in mind, we'll go through the proceedings to make it easier for you to understand. After all, there's nothing worse than adding confusion to an already stressful emergency situation.

The 3 Things You Must Have To Start The Online Title Loans Process

Before you start the actual process, you need a few things. Otherwise, you can't gain approval for our online title loans. Thankfully, you only need a few things to get a loan from us at Utah Title Loans, Inc. and these items are as follows:

process to get online title loans

  • Lien-free title — First, you must ensure you have a lien-free title. This is the only type of title we work with since it proves you don't have any outstanding loans or judgments on your vehicle title. It's worth noting that your title document must be issued in your name. If it isn't, head to your nearest DMV office to ask for a transfer. After the transfer is finished, you can apply for an online loan from us at Utah Title Loans, Inc. 
  • State-issued photo identification — Second, you will need a form of identification that displays your name, photograph, and date of birth. Most of our clients use their driver's licenses but feel free to choose another type that fits the aforementioned requirements. 
  • Vehicle — Third and final, you need to provide the vehicle relating to your lien-free title document. Please note that we can only accept cars, vans, and trucks. We don't work with other modes of transport, so keep this in mind before starting the loan request process. 

Unlike other types of loans, you won't need to have a great credit score. We use your vehicle to establish the amount of money you may obtain, so you can go through the process with a less-than-average credit score. 

The Utah Title Loans, Inc. Process

Speaking of the online title loans process, let's take a look at it now. All you need to do is follow the five steps listed below to get started:

  1. Form — By now, you may have noticed the initial inquiry form on our website. You need to fill this in (ensuring you select title loans as we offer other types of loans too) to start proceedings. It won't take very long since we only ask for basic information. 
  2. Call — Once we receive your information, we will call you to discuss everything. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the process or repayments. Our loan representatives are incredibly approachable and knowledgeable, so they're more than ready to clear up your concerns. During this time, we'll also ask you to confirm where you would like to meet. This doesn't have to be at our store; we can meet you at your residence or your place of work. 
  3. Meet — Head to the agreed location at the right time. We will meticulously go over your paperwork and car, truck, or van to establish how much money we can offer you. Please note that our lending limits run between $300 and $15,000 for online title loans. Naturally, you need to ensure you bring your vehicle, a lien-free title document, and your state-issued identification displaying your photo, name, and date of birth. 
  4. Confirmation — Once we have told you how much you can borrow, you will have to confirm whether it's enough to cover your emergency. If it is, we will request your signature on several forms to establish your agreeance. 
  5. Approval — Finally, we will process everything and you will receive the amount within a day or two. Sometimes our loans come in on the same day as you apply, but if not, you will receive the money on the next business day. 

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Get Online Title Loans from Us Right Now!

As you can see from the information listed above, the Utah Title Loans, Inc. online title loans process is wonderfully easy to follow. Provided you have a lien-free vehicle title, vehicle (truck, car, or van), and state-issued identification, you won't have a problem gaining approval. 

Of course, you must ensure you truly need the loan before starting the procedure. After all, you do not want to be paying something back if you didn't truly require it in the first place. 

If you do need a title loan (to cover emergency bills, home repairs, medical bills, veterinary fees, or other urgent matters), then you can begin by completing the short form found on this website. It will only take a handful of minutes and we will guide you through the remaining steps once we receive your request.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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