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8 Free Things To Do To Improve Mental Health (Try Them All This Week!)

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone’s mental health. But improving mental health doesn’t need to break the bank. Skip the astronomically priced yoga retreats and green smoothies and try our 8 things to do to improve mental health, and if you're in need of financial assistance learn how a title loan in Utah can help.

8 Free Ways To Improve Mental Health This Week

1. Meditate With A Free App

Meditation seems to be everywhere. All over the world, people are giving it a try. Why? Meditation is clinically proven to improve mental health in people of all ages. 

A busy mind can be very difficult to slow, especially when life feels unstable as it has since the pandemic began. Thankfully, there are many apps built to assist you with your meditation journey. 

Take advantage of the free trials offered by almost all of these apps or use their free versions. Alternatively, YouTube meditation videos can be of great quality, and they are also free. You don’t need to pay a premium price for basic meditations so why not give it a try for free?

When it comes to things to do to improve mental health, meditation may actually be the most impactful. 

2. Walk Somewhere … Anywhere

Walking is a wonderful way to bust stress. First, walking gives you fresh air and space to let your mind run free. Second, walking is exercise and thus, created endorphins that improve your mental health. 

Being indoors for long hours is proven to reduce mental health, so even a simple walk in your neighborhood every day can really help you release stress.

3. Yoga Playlists

Yoga playlists are one of our favorite things to do to improve mental health. Stretching and breathing can help relieve tension and release stress, which are vital to mental health. Luckily, you do not need to buy a premium subscription to a yoga studio to achieve these results. There are ample YouTube yogis out there who will show you the ropes!

4. Call A Friend

It’s amazing what socializing can do for our mental health. If you’re browsing things to do to improve mental health, you may have forgotten one of the most basic methods: talking to friends is an opportunity to get out of your head. Plus, hearing about other lives can put our own lives into perspective. 

5. Go To Nature

Being out in nature can have a great positive impact on the mind, and that of course makes sense when you truly consider it. Humans were meant to be in nature, and we often neglect this biological need. What if one of the main things to do to improve mental health is simply to go to a park or on a hike! This method is free, and the benefits are endless. 

Whether it’s an adventure hike or simply a stroll through a local park, see how it helps your mental state. 

yoga playlists

6. Read More

You know that stack of books under your bed you’ve been meaning to read but never have? Why not attempt to read at least one. Reading is worlds better for your sleep than TV or your phone, since you aren’t exposed to strong light, and a good night’s rest is essential for your brain which makes it one of our things to do to improve mental health.

7. Set Goals For Yourself

Motivation helps mental health because it provides a reason to keep moving forward. These goals don’t have to be in the realm of climbing Everest but try thinking of some daily things to aspire to.

8. Ease Your Financial Burden

Financial stress can deteriorate one’s mental health quickly. Making sure you’re not falling behind on your bills can reduce tension so you can move towards a healthier mind. But finding the money to stay on track can be difficult when you face a sudden expense like a car or a house repair.

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Mental health is essential and anything that helps improve it should be considered. Financial stress, especially when facing an emergency or a sudden expense, can really put a heavy load on our minds.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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